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THE STAR (1952)

Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden, Natalie Wood Warner Ardenson, Minor Watson, Barbara Lawrence.

Directed: Stuar Heisler

Bette Davis is doing a dry-run/out of town opening for her own future in “The Star”. Playing a actress down on her luck and getting it from all sides (creditors are selling her possessions, her ex-husbands’ new wife is constantly condescending and her sister is always at the door for a crisp $20.), her only refuge is her daughter, played by Natalie Wood in what appears to be her gawky, teenage phase. Bette smokes as much as usual, completely blows her top at least five times, and in the most memorable scene, takes her Oscar on a drunken tour of all the young actresses houses - good thing they all live on the same street! This character is a step below Margo Channing, well on her way to Baby Jane Hudson. Davis received her second-to-last Oscar nomination - her last being for “Baby Jane”. She owns the screen because she brings a humanity to the character - she still has her pride, even though that doesn’t get you very far in a town with a short memory. I believe the Oscar used was one of Bette’s - at least they didn’t use one of those phony ones. Its a symbol in the movie of what once was. I give Davis a lot of credit for playing characters close to her own life ( I would imagine even she felt the ageism of Hollywood ) and when she says that she’s directed more than one director, you can tell she knows what she’s talking about. Its also poignant and a little disturbing to see Natalie Wood on a sailboat at one point.

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