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Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Cliff Robertson, Louise Fletcher, Donald Hotton, Alan Fudge, Joe Dorsey, Jason Lively.

Director: Douglas Trumbull

I have read comments about this film and am a little bemused as to how no one has talked about what the film is really about. Christopher Walken’s character Mike is given insight (unintentionally)via the technology as to why his marriage has broken up. He pieces together memories in order to enter a new romance with his wife Karen played by Natalie Wood. The key scene is when he asks Karen to put on the headset and clear her mind and they record her thoughts for 30 seconds. Mike then puts on the headset and replays the tape. He is suddenly aware of his dismissive manner to his wife(from her POV) and then taken back to an argument years ago where he shouts at her that she ‘can have the house, the car, take it all!’. When he takes off the headset he becomes angry as he is forced to cope with his new feelings and does not know how to deal with them. From that moment on he changes and becomes more aware of his wife’s feelings. He also realises that he can actually record his feelings on to tape at this point and goes about recording tender memories from their past together. When he gives Karen the tape and she asks what is on it, Mike replies ‘It’s me’. They are drawn even closer together through the death of a colleague(Louise Fletcher)who records her death experience on tape . His wife Karen is behind him all the way and supports his decision to play the recording because she knows how much it means to her husband even though it might kill him. Through all this mayhem Mike gets to play the tape with his wife at his side. This is the central story of what I think is a very powerful and uplifting film.

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